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Upcoming events

    • 18 Oct 2022
    • 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Perception Coaching, 931 East 9th Street, Duluth

    You Too Can be a Leadership Magician!

    Magicians can magically transform rabbits into doves and the Ace of Spades into the 9 of Diamonds. They make it look so easy, yet we all know it takes a combination of motivation, innovation, talents, and practice to be successful. Fear not! You too can be a magician - a leadership magician, by discovering the strategies involved with transforming something more precious than a deck of cards or a rabbit - HUMANS! No sleight of hand is involved. This session uncovers four powerful elements of transformational leadership.

    Focusing on the “human side of business,” Kathlynn works with her MCCU team members, and partners with businesses and organizations of all sizes, giving them tools to inspire and engage their team so they can provide fabulous customer service, communicate well and play nicely with each other in the sandbox (which we call the workplace). Kathlynn McConnell holds a B.A.S. Degree from the University of MN Duluth, is a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD), Certified Professional Coach (CPC), full time Director of Learning and Development for Members Cooperative Credit Union, and the Chief Refueling Officer (CRO)/president of Lifestyle Consulting Services.

    When: Tuesday, October 18, 2022

    Perception Coaching, 931 E. 9th Street, Duluth MN 55805

    Networking and Registration 11:45-12:00
    Program 12:00 - 1:00 PM

    Non-members: $35
    Members: $20

    • 15 Nov 2022
    • 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Perception Coaching, 931 E 9th Street, Duluth

    Train your brain

    Effective organizations are influenced by effective leaders at all levels, many without an official title or position. Despite the fact that billions of dollars are spent each year on training and development, statistics show a growing organizational crisis across the U.S. 

    Gallup reports that only one third of the average workforce is engaged at work. Stress and burnout are on the rise, negatively impacting both wellbeing and productivity. Incivility is destroying teamwork and camaraderie.

    Years of research confirms the connection between mindfulness and positive organizational and personal outcomes. One study found that two weeks of training increased well-being, decreased emotional exhaustion, and increased job satisfaction. Other research has shown outcomes such as reduced stress, enhanced creativity and improved resilience... positively impacting engagement, decreasing turnover and improving productivity.

    Mindfulness creates the foundation for compassion, connection, self-awareness and inclusion. It builds the space for a more reflective, thoughtful and nuanced response to the inevitable challenges we face at work.

    Train Your Brain brings participants on a compelling journey into the neuroscience-based research, exploring not only the science, but also techniques to help all employees improve their mindfulness — and therefore –  their effectiveness. 

    Stacy Johnston is an experienced Human Resources and training professional. HR approach aligns solutions with organizational mission and values. As an experienced yoga (RYT200) and meditation instructor (CMT-P), she combines a deep understanding of the business case and ROI of employee development, engagement and wellbeing.

    When: Tuesday, November 15, 2022

    Perception Coaching, 931 E 9th Street, Duluth MN 55805

    Networking and Registration 11:45-12:00
    Program 12:00 - 1:00 PM

    Non-members: $35
    Members: $20

Past events

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21 Nov 2017 Linda, Listen to Me: Addressing Conflict
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30 May 2017 Innovation in the Workplace - It's Easier Than You Think!
18 Apr 2017 Smooth(er) Transitions: Navigating the W-Curve
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17 Jan 2017 Women, Millennials, and the Future Workplace
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18 Oct 2016 Planning for Work/Life Harmony
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21 Jun 2016 Followership: A Three Pillar Approach
17 May 2016 Identity, Authenticity, and Vulnerability: The Journey to Personal and Professional Wholeness
19 Apr 2016 Seek-Sense-Share – Sifting the Signal from the Noise
15 Mar 2016 Top 10 Mistakes Trainers/Speakers/Presenters Make and How to Stop Making Them
16 Feb 2016 Failing Forward: How Savvy Professionals Leverage "Failure" to Learn, Grow and Build Success
19 Jan 2016 Develop Your 2016 Toolkit
17 Nov 2015 A Practical Step-By-Step Approach to Using & Acually Utilizing LinkedIn
20 Oct 2015 Leadership Isn't Just About a Title
15 Sep 2015 Tools for the Resilient Professional
19 May 2015 On Top Of The World
21 Apr 2015 Generational Differences & Change: It Isn't About Values
17 Mar 2015 Coaching Up: Designing an Alliance to Communicate at any Level
10 Mar 2015 Navigating Change - CEO Al Hodnik on ALLETE's Leadership Journey
17 Feb 2015 Hooked on Happiness
20 Jan 2015 More With Less (AM) / Workplace Bullies (PM)
18 Nov 2014 Effectively Manage Your Digital Identity on Social Media and Employer Strategies for Utilizing Talent Social Media in Talent Acquisition
21 Oct 2014 Create an Inclusive Workplace by Leveraging Diversity
16 Sep 2014 Trust: The Invisible Key to Success in an Organization
10 Jun 2014 What Language Do Your Team Members Speak?
20 May 2014 Drama Free Self-Talk and Boundary Setting
14 Apr 2014 Building High Performing Teams Certification Workshop
18 Mar 2014 Tapping into Talent: Encouraging Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace
18 Feb 2014 Take Charge of Your Career
21 Jan 2014 Train the Trainer
19 Nov 2013 Web Training Best Practices
15 Oct 2013 How Leaders Succeed
17 Sep 2013 Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback and Coaching
11 Jun 2013 Social Media: How to use it wisely, professionally and responsibly
21 May 2013 More Learning, Less Time: The Missing Key
16 Apr 2013 Frameworks to Improve Change: Implementation & Engagement
19 Mar 2013 Followership: An Overlooked Component of Organizational Success
19 Feb 2013 Emotional Intelligence: A Key to Ethical Success
22 Jan 2013 Protect Yourself from Control Dramas

Registration Policy

Hybrid Learning Policy

We are so pleased to have the opportunity to meet in-person again! We also respect that our members have varying levels of comfort and flexibility to participate face-to-face. Participants can connect via Zoom or attend in person. We will engage with the virtual audience as well as the live audience.

Registration Policy

Our pricing structure for all participants is $35 for non-members, $20 for members, and $13 for students. (Tip: Becoming a member of the Lake Superior Chapter is just $45 a year!)

A meal will be provided during the in-person events. Virtual attendees benefit from the flexibility to participate remotely, receiving the online materials, networking opportunities, and access to a recording of the session for later viewing.


We do not refund registration cancellations after 12 noon the Friday before the program. If you find you are unable to attend a program for which you are registered after this cancellation deadline, please feel free to send someone in your place.

If you prefer to pay on the day of the event, payment will be collected at the door prior to the program beginning. We will try to accommodate walk-ups if space allows, but only those who pre-register are guaranteed a seat at the event. For walk-ups, we can accept payment onsite by cash or check.

We promote our events on social media and website. With your registration, you understand your image may be captured via photograph or video and agree to allow your photo, video or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the chapter and speaker.

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