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Upcoming events

    • 07 Dec 2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Share Our Success: Lake Superior ATD: An interactive experience of sharing and learning best practices 

    Everyone is welcome to join us, Tuesday, December 7, 2021 from 12-1pm to Share Our Success: An interactive experience of sharing and learning best practices offered by Lake Superior ATD.

     We invite you to play an active role during this session.  If you have a fun tip, event, program, initiative or training tool we’d love to hear about it.  Share Our Success: Lake Superior ATD - Google Jamboard  Click the link to add a slide and prepare a short presentation for everyone.

    Slide is due December 1st

    Not ready to share?  Learn with us:  Join us during the “free” live event while our community shares their best practices.

    Questions can be directed to Kathy Pykkonen,

    Tuesday, Tuesday December 7, 2021

    On your computer via Zoom

    Program 12:00 - 1:00 PM

    Free for all

Past events

16 Nov 2021 Find the Energy of Influence for Success
19 Oct 2021 Member Appreciation Event
19 Oct 2021 Have you taken...
21 Sep 2021 Building positivity with high expectations
15 Jun 2021 Is Collaboration the Most Important 21st Century Learning Skill?
18 May 2021 Was it worth it? Demonstrating the impact and value of training programs through evaluation.
20 Apr 2021 The Leaders Protocol - Make the most of every leading moment
09 Mar 2021 Principles of Servant Leadership
16 Feb 2021 Professional Resilience: Building a Foundation to Navigate Stress At Work
19 Jan 2021 Virtual Moments
08 Dec 2020 Learn from the Training Pros: An interactive experience of sharing and learning best practices offered by Lake Superior ATD.
17 Nov 2020 Where is the Silver Lining?
13 Oct 2020 Let Me Be Brutally Honest With You
15 Sep 2020 What did you Say? - Building Trust by Becoming an Empathetic Listener
09 Jun 2020 Don't Let the Pressure Derail You
19 May 2020 This Won't Hurt A Bit: Design and Deliver Training with the Reluctant Participant in Mind
21 Apr 2020 Powerful Training: Practical Tools for Real-life Trainers
25 Mar 2020 Building Trust in the Workplace
18 Feb 2020 The Impact of Stress: Idiosyncratic and Predictable
21 Jan 2020 Leader As Coach: Empowering executives to take an active role in developing talent
10 Dec 2019 The Power of Emotional Intelligence
19 Nov 2019 Detention or Retention?!? Keep your staff because they WANT to stay, not because they HAVE to be there!
15 Oct 2019 The Stamina Protocol: Battle burnout and take back your time, increase your focus, and double your energy
24 Sep 2019 Legacy of Leadership
21 May 2019 Be a BADDIE: The Basics of Backward Design
16 Apr 2019 Increasing Effectiveness with a Coaching Communication Style
19 Mar 2019 Creating a Knowledge Transfer Roadmap: How to keep your organization's knowledge from walking out the door
19 Feb 2019 Examining Implicit Biases
15 Jan 2019 Stay With Me
11 Dec 2018 Got Conflict? Find Your "Conversation Peace"
13 Nov 2018 Member Appreciation and Networking
09 Oct 2018 Employer Branding: Unlocking the Power of Purpose
18 Sep 2018 Will and Able: A Tale of Two Different Team Members
19 Jun 2018 Workplace Innovation - Strategies for Creating a Unique Competitive Advantage & How to Engage Employees in the Process
15 May 2018 Don't Let the Pressure Get to You!
17 Apr 2018 Happy Hour: An Introduction to Positive Psychology
20 Mar 2018 Think Like a Designer: Open Up the Possibilities in Your Work and Life
20 Feb 2018 Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be
16 Jan 2018 How to create a KILLER Presentation...a lesson in design & delivery!
21 Nov 2017 Linda, Listen to Me: Addressing Conflict
17 Oct 2017 Leading by Creating Culture
19 Sep 2017 Remote, Dispersed, Nomad, or Independent: Whatever You Call It, We Don't Share an Office with You!
20 Jun 2017 What We Think We Become: Mindset and Exploring Your Story: Storytelling for Personal/Professional Growth
30 May 2017 Innovation in the Workplace - It's Easier Than You Think!
18 Apr 2017 Smooth(er) Transitions: Navigating the W-Curve
21 Mar 2017 Taking Your Training Online: Best Practices
15 Feb 2017 Coaching for Peak Performance
17 Jan 2017 Women, Millennials, and the Future Workplace
15 Nov 2016 Violence in the Workplace
18 Oct 2016 Planning for Work/Life Harmony
20 Sep 2016 How to "Un-Stink" Your Think: 3 Ways to Reframe Your Thoughts for More Positive Results
21 Jun 2016 Followership: A Three Pillar Approach
17 May 2016 Identity, Authenticity, and Vulnerability: The Journey to Personal and Professional Wholeness
19 Apr 2016 Seek-Sense-Share – Sifting the Signal from the Noise
15 Mar 2016 Top 10 Mistakes Trainers/Speakers/Presenters Make and How to Stop Making Them
16 Feb 2016 Failing Forward: How Savvy Professionals Leverage "Failure" to Learn, Grow and Build Success
19 Jan 2016 Develop Your 2016 Toolkit
17 Nov 2015 A Practical Step-By-Step Approach to Using & Acually Utilizing LinkedIn
20 Oct 2015 Leadership Isn't Just About a Title
15 Sep 2015 Tools for the Resilient Professional
19 May 2015 On Top Of The World
21 Apr 2015 Generational Differences & Change: It Isn't About Values
17 Mar 2015 Coaching Up: Designing an Alliance to Communicate at any Level
10 Mar 2015 Navigating Change - CEO Al Hodnik on ALLETE's Leadership Journey
17 Feb 2015 Hooked on Happiness
20 Jan 2015 More With Less (AM) / Workplace Bullies (PM)
18 Nov 2014 Effectively Manage Your Digital Identity on Social Media and Employer Strategies for Utilizing Talent Social Media in Talent Acquisition
21 Oct 2014 Create an Inclusive Workplace by Leveraging Diversity
16 Sep 2014 Trust: The Invisible Key to Success in an Organization
10 Jun 2014 What Language Do Your Team Members Speak?
20 May 2014 Drama Free Self-Talk and Boundary Setting
14 Apr 2014 Building High Performing Teams Certification Workshop
18 Mar 2014 Tapping into Talent: Encouraging Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace
18 Feb 2014 Take Charge of Your Career
21 Jan 2014 Train the Trainer
19 Nov 2013 Web Training Best Practices
15 Oct 2013 How Leaders Succeed
17 Sep 2013 Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback and Coaching
11 Jun 2013 Social Media: How to use it wisely, professionally and responsibly
21 May 2013 More Learning, Less Time: The Missing Key
16 Apr 2013 Frameworks to Improve Change: Implementation & Engagement
19 Mar 2013 Followership: An Overlooked Component of Organizational Success
19 Feb 2013 Emotional Intelligence: A Key to Ethical Success
22 Jan 2013 Protect Yourself from Control Dramas

Registration Policy

Our 2021 programs are offered entirely online and are FREE for members, $25 for non-members, and $3 for students. Becoming a member is just $45 per year.

An invitation will be sent via email to all registered parties to join the virtual event. Many events will be recorded for viewing later. You will be notified if the event is being recorded. Registration fees will not be refunded in the event of a cancellation, but recorded sessions will be available to view later for everyone who registered in advance. 

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