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What is ChIP?

The Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) is a revenue-sharing program that offers our Chapter an opportunity to earn additional revenue. Through ChIP, we can earn revenue from new business we generate for ATD programs and services.

Our chapter was assigned a unique ChIP code, CH6045. Every person that uses our ChIP code when making an online purchase on the ATD Store will be contributing to our chapter's financial health, further enabling us to accomplish our chapter's mission.

Anyone - members and non-members - can use our chapter's ChIP code. Once you are ready to check out, enter CH6045 in the field "ChIP/International Partner Code" on the Item Summary screen in the Shopping Cart.

What ATD products are ChIP eligible?

The table below lists the products and services available for revenue sharing under ChIP. Purchases made with our chapter ChIP code (CH6045) will generate a commission for our chapter. On a quarterly basis, we receive a check that represents our share of revenue associated with the ChIP code. So, please use our ChIP code when making purchases. It is a great way to keep a portion of your spending dollar connected to our local community.

ATD Product
Revenue Share
New Membership*
Membership Renewal
International Conference and Expo Registration****    
10% (maximum of $80)
TechKnowledge Conference Registration ****
10% (maximum of $80)
ATD Small Conferences (LearnNow, Core 4, etc.)
ATD Certificate Programs
ATD Master Series ** 5%
ATD Books and Publications ***
CPLP Learning System
ATD Job Bank employer listing
10% (maximum of $50)
ATD Chapter Leader Conference (ALC) Bookstore

* ChIP revenue only applies to memberships $179 and above. Discounted board memberships, group, student, and senior memberships are not eligible for ChIP revenue.

** Chapters receive a 5% commission on ATD Master Trainer, ATD Master Instructional Designer, ATD Master Performance Consultant registrations, and ATD Expert Coach Program.

*** Publications can be ATD Press books and TD at Work only, ordered through the online store, through ATD Customer Care, or at ALC. ChIP revenue is not offered at the ATD International Conference and Exposition store or the TechKnowledge Conference store.

**** ChIP revenue applies to in-person conference registration. 

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